Some TV! 




Some TV!   wins the “Best Entertainment Show - B Hilarious” category at the 2017 B Free Awards on Brooklyn’s BRIC Network.

An Honorable Mention was also given to Some TV!   in the “People's Choice Award” category,  chosen from approximately 100 different programs.

The awards are handed out every year by Brooklyn Free Speech to the best programming on the network.

2017 B Free Award for

Best Entertainment Show - B Hilarious

A Silly Moment
Kevin & Chicken
Nicholas & a Puppet Head
Marcus, Mitch, Tracey & Puppet Hand
Some TV!: "The Golden Years of Porn"
Chad Fan Art
Simon (right) & Sophie (left)

Some TV!

Humans and puppets have never been this nutty!

Some TV! takes the fuzzy facet of Jim Henson's Muppets and combines them with the surreal aspect of Monty Python's Flying Circus (plus a dash of the human condition) which promises something mature without being crass or crude…well, maybe just a little naughty.

Skitch comedy (a combo of Skit & Sketch comedy)  that harkens back to the days of

vaudeville and burlesque, all born out of the oddball mind that is Nicholas Lemon. You won’t know what to expect, unless you’ve seen it before.  And if you have, please don’t spoil it for the others. That’s just rude.

In the first special, tour the Ontario Science Centre and see Bruce get charged while Chad kisses Tim’s snake. See the ghostly comedy duo of Kevin and Herkimer. Get totally involved with the silly International Grass Grower’s Olympics! Find out what happens when Chad has too many beers and then witness the insanity that Nic shares with Jacob through his nightmare! All these and more will be seen on this first Some TV! special.