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From our simple beginnings in '94 as a theatrical agency to our current incarnation as an internationally award-winning media production company, we have always believed in keeping the personal touch at every level of client interaction.
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Our Mission:

To entertain and inspire people around the globe through the power of creativity, storytelling and character development, all which reflects our founder's vision:

"Ideas plus creativity
equals innovation"

Nicholas Lemon

Old Televisions and Radios

Starting as a small touring theatrical company in 1994, Nicholas Lemon Productions has been recognized as a leader in combining puppetry and acting into theatrical and television productions.


After being bitten by the proverbial “acting bug” pretty much from birth, Nicholas discovered that the art form of puppetry was a natural fit. He confidently stepped into the professional world of puppet acting at the ripe old age of 14. After spending the next 10 years performing live in front of thousands of audience members of all ages, Nicholas realized it was time to move to a new medium.


That medium was television.


To find out more about our founder, 

Our Story

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